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6X Sensor6X Sensor
6X Sensor

Our best-in-class 6X multispectral sensor delivers science-grade multiband and high-resolution visual band image products in a streamlined, easy-to...

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6X Thermal Sensor6X Thermal Sensor
6X Thermal Sensor

Our best-in-class 6X multispectral sensor now with radiometric thermal imagery. Collect thermal LWIR, multiband VIS-NIR and high-resolution visual ...

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Double 4K PHXDouble 4K PHX
Double 4K PHX

The long-range Sentera PHX fixed-wing platform is hot-swappable and accepts several different sensor types for capturing more data and gaining deep...

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Double 4K Lock & GoDouble 4K Lock & Go
Double 4K Lock & Go

Using Lock & Go stabilizing gimbal technology, you can easily swap payloads and choose from a variety of sensors to augment and enhance ag fie...

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Double 4K SkyportDouble 4K Skyport
Double 4K Skyport

Get exceptional crop health insights using plug-and-play, stabilizing gimbal technology. Swap sensor payloads as the growing season progresses for...

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Double 4K MavicDouble 4K Mavic
Double 4K Mavic

The completely configurable upgrade compatible with Mavic 2 and Mavic 2 Pro drones puts a wide range of essential crop health data points at your ...

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Phantom SinglePhantom Single
Phantom Single

This affordable upgrade lets any DJI Phantom drone provide TrueNDVI® crop health data without compromising the existing camera. Add the latest NDV...

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Mavic SingleMavic Single
Mavic Single

High-Precision Single Sensor for the Mavic This cost-effective upgrade transforms any DJI Mavic drone into an agronomic insights engine fueled by ...

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