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Sentera 6X Multispectral SensorSentera 6X Multispectral Sensor left view
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6X Thermal
Sentera Agriculture 6X Thermal
Sale price$12,249.00
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Annual Sales Enablement - Advanced
Annual Sales Enablement - Basic
Crop Health Data | Precision SensorSentera Multispectral 4K Sensor | Double 4K | Red Edge
Sentera PHX Drone | Ag DronesSentera PHX | Fixed-Wing Drone for Agriculture
Sentera | PHX | Farm Drone
Sentera Agriculture PHX Battery
Sale price$399.00
cover for drone battery
Drone battery
PHX spare parts kit
Sentera | PHX | Farm Drone
Sentera Agriculture PHX Motor
Sale price$89.00
Spare parts to mount a sensor on a drone
Drone pitot tubes and tips, spare pack
Drone pitot tips
Sentera | PHX | Propellers
Underside of a fixed-wing drone
Screws and nuts

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