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Wing pins for drone
PHX Wing Pins 12 Pack

A bag of replacement wing pins for use with the PHX. Includes: (12) wings pins

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PHX Remote ID Add-on KitPHX Remote ID Add-on Kit
PHX Remote ID Add-on Kit

Achieve compliance with the FAA's UAS Remote Identification requirement. For existing PHX customers, this kit includes the PHX Remote ID Module to...

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Underside of a fixed-wing drone
PHX Protective Film Kit

A set of protective films for the thin foam and high contact areas for PHX. Made from 3M automotive grade material, the protective film kit increas...

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PHX Battery
PHX Battery

Add more batteries to your inventory to keep your PHX in the air and cover more acres.

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Drone wing spars
PHX Wing Spars, Pack of 10

A pack of 10 replacement spar joiners for PHX. Includes: (10) Spar joiners  

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10-pack of drone propellers
PHX Spare Propellers, Pack of 10

A pack of 10 replacement sets of propellers for PHX. Includes: (10) Propeller pairs  

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cover for drone battery
PHX Battery Hatch

A replacement battery bay hatch for the PHX.

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Sentera | PHX | Wing Spar
PHX Wing Spar

This is a replacement wing spar joiner for the PHX fixed-wing drone. The durable carbon spar includes a retaining ring.

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Sentera | PHX | Propellers
PHX Propeller Pair

Set of replacement propellers for the PHX fixed-wing platform drone. 12.5″ x 7.5″  

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PHX spare parts kit
PHX FSK Restock Kit

Restock your field support kit to help keep your PHX in flight-ready condition. Kit includes: (10) Spar joiners (5) Sentera Pitot assemblies (15) P...

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Right drone wing
PHX Wing Assembly - Right

Always be ready with this spare PHX right wing complete with all wing mounted flight electronics and Pitot tube ready to go. Use a replacement for ...

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Screws and nuts
PHX Screws and Nuts Kit

A set of replacement screws used on the PHX.

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Spinner Assembly
Spinner Assembly

A replacement spinner assembly for the PHX. Does not include propellers.

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Drone battery charger
PHX Smart Battery Charger

An extra PHX battery is available to support long missions and keep you flying. Use it to replace an old battery, or just to have another one on ha...

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Drone pitot tubes and tips, spare pack
PHX Pitot Spares, Pack of 10

A pack of 10 replacement Pitot assemblies for PHX. Includes: (10) Pitot assemblies (30) Pitot tips  

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Spare parts to mount a sensor on a drone
PHX Payload Mechanical Replacement Kit

A mechanical replacement kit for the related components on the PHX and PHX payload. Includes: (1) Payload Breakout Interface (4) Payload Mounting B...

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Sentera | PHX | Farm Drone
PHX Motor

This is a replacement PHX motor for the popular PHX Pro fixed-wing platform.

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Left drone wing
PHX Wing Assembly - Left

Always be ready with this spare PHX left wing complete with all wing mounted flight electronics ready to go. Use a replacement for a damaged wing o...

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Drone pitot tips
PHX Pitot Tip Spares, Pack of 10

A pack of 10 replacement Pitot tips for the PHX Pitot assembly. Includes: (10) Pitot tips  

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Drone battery
PHX Comms Box Assembly

A Replacement CommsBox for the PHX Includes: (1) CommsBox (1) Ethernet cable (1) Long range antenna (1) Standard antenna (1) CommsBox power cable (...

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