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Research PackageResearch Package
Research Package

If you’re looking for maximum insights at field-edge or in your ag HQ, look no further than the Research Package from Sentera. This pre-configured...

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Broad Acre PackageBroad Acre Package
Broad Acre Package

Full-scale production calls for go-anywhere capabilities. We’ve combined our best-in-class Double 4K sensors and the Sentera PHX fixed-wing drone ...

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Scouting PackageScouting Package
Scouting Package

When the only constant is change, your constant source of certainty is Sentera. The Double 4K sensors at the heart of the Scouting Package let you...

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Double 4K PHXDouble 4K PHX
Double 4K PHX

The long-range Sentera PHX fixed-wing platform is hot-swappable and accepts several different sensor types for capturing more data and gaining deep...

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