This or That: Determining the Best Drone for Crop Scouting

Over the course of the last decade and a half, ag drone technology has catapulted into leading the charge for remote sensing capabilities – making it easier to capture more data in less time without sacrificing precision or accuracy.

As this technology has evolved and grown, so has the number of options on the market. This increase has led to confusion – with many wondering which to choose: RGB vs. multispectral?


RGB Sensors: Counting Populations

RGB sensors capture red, green, and blue (hence the RGB) bands. These bands of lights are what the human eye is sensitive to seeing; so when RGB bands are displayed, it produces nearly exactly what our eyes see.

What does this mean? The image you get from an RGB camera will be an image of your field.

QuickTile RGB Map in FieldAgent
NDVI multispectral map in FieldAgent