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If you’re looking for maximum insights at field-edge or in your ag HQ, look no further than the Research Package from Sentera. This pre-configured, ready-to-fly solution pairs a Sentera 6X sensor with a high-performance, commercial grade DJI drone and accessories. You’ll get a multi-dimensional, whole-farm view of everything happening at ground level with maximum accuracy and reliability.

If this package isn’t quite right, configure your own 6X System.

If you’d like to purchase a sensor only, contact us.

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NOTICE: We are currently sold out of 6X Sensor Systems. Please contact us or call 844-SENTERA to connect with our team to see if another Sentera system may fit your needs and/or get on our 6X waitlist.

For Most Demanding Data Science Requirements

Leveraging technology used in Sentera's advanced enterprise-class sensors, our 6X-based systems are equipped with a custom processor tailored to efficiently handle massive data throughput and perform onboard computer vision and machine learning computations. Actionable data is immediately available thanks to streamlined workflows that move typical post-processing operations—such as multi-band registration of imagery and lens corrections—into the sensor. You'll get multi-layer imagery or crop analytics data output instantly at field edge.

Driving Results With The Research Package

  • Stress identification and quantification
  • Plant classification and weed identification
  • High-throughput phenotypic
  • Nutrient analysis
  • Biomass monitoring
  • Population counts
  • Input management
  • Elevation mapping
  • Crop health mapping

In the Box

Research Package

  • 6X Sensor with Gimbal
  • ILS/GPS Module
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Reflectance Panel

Optional Matrice 300 Drone

  • M300 Drone
  • 2X Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Accessories


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Education and Insights

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