6X Thermal

Drone Model: Matrice 100
Sale price$12,249.00


We have equipped our best-in-class multispectral sensor with the power of dynamic infrared imagery so you can take your research further. 


Your research is demanding, you need a sensor built to meet your requirements and achieve project goals. The 6X Thermal can be configured to your research, fitting your needs every step of the way. Advance your next precision agriculture project with the 6X Thermal.


You need data that you feel confident discussing and tools that you can depend on to perform in the field. Built for high radiometric accuracy, the 6X Thermal provides pixel-level absolute temperature and spectral reflectance measurements. Ensure data fidelity with the 6X Thermal.


The 6X Thermal is radiometrically calibrated, providing you with repeatable measurements that will withstand the rigors of peer review. The sensor features a 320 x 256 resolution longwave infrared thermal camera, four precision-filtered 3.2MP global-shutter imagers, and one 20.1 MP RGB imager, each with a dedicated, high-quality optical path.

Learn more by downloading the 6X Thermal datasheet.

The 6X Thermal includes the following pieces, configured to your specified drone platform:
  • A gimbaled 6X Thermal Sensor 
  • A GPS Support Kit
  • A Light Sensor
  • A Reflectance Panel

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