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FieldAgent isn’t just another digital tool, it helps you sell more with every engagement.

The platform works with your existing tools to gather data from satellites, weather, soil, and field operations. It integrates it with drone data, powerful AI models, and near real-time field insights to help optimize your customer engagement opportunities.

Proactively Engage With Customers

As a retailer, you have an idea of what was planted, what is expected to emerge, what percentage might be lost and what a ballpark figure is that you’d like to see on the yield monitor come harvest. However, accurately tracking and analyzing crop performance and stress against these expectations has historically been limited due to the time and resources required to scale grower engagement.

These limitations leave you unable to advise corrective action at critical benchmarks throughout the season. Notifications are an extension of FieldAgent built to optimize your customer engagement opportunities - guiding you to where you need to be, when you need to be there, and why you need to be there.

Package Overview:

  • Annual FieldAgent License
  • FieldAgent Notifications – Proactive Customer Engagement
  • Advanced Data Layers:
    • Weather
    • Satellite
    • Soil 

Learn more about FieldAgent here

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